Aug. 22 2009

7:30 Preshow - 8:00 Show


Mister Tim is the creative force behind comedy a cappella comedy legends moosebutter, deconstructionist a cappella trio The Plumbers of Rome, heavy metal a cappella parody band Placental Armageddon, the vocal jazz/world music quintet Vocality, percussion ensemble The Bucket Brigade, Elvis tribute quartet TheKing4, college all-stars group The 40th Parallel, the vocal rock bands THROAT and Wonder Voice, and the cutting edge choral group The Timothy Young Ensemble. His groups have won awards at 5 different Harmony Sweepstakes regionals and one ICCA semi-final, including runner-up at the 2003 Sweeps finals, multiple Contemporary A Cappella Awards, and have performed thousands of shows around the United States.

Mister Tim has children. Regularly.