Aug. 21 2010

7:30 Preshow - 8:00 Show

Put Rahzel, Frank Sinatra, Beck and Take 6 in a blender and hit puree - yeah, that's kinda what it's like. The vocal collaboration Mosaic, is taking music to a whole new level - and in ways you might not expect. Merging style with state-of-the-art technology, Mosaic will leave you scratching your head wondering where the "band" is. Why? Mosaic uses no instruments. Every sound you hear is produced by the human voice. Now, you won't believe this at first, but then slowly you will realize that, sure enough, every single sound you are hearing - from the funky bass lines to the drum and bass grooves to the distortion of the guitar - is being vocally produced. Perhaps that's why their aptly titled tag phrase reads: "You won't believe what comes out of our mouths!" They currently perform with George Wallace in the Flamingo Showroom in Las Vegas.

In singing together for the better part of three years, Mosaic has impressed audiences throughout the nation and abroad - from the most underground club scene to packed arenas. They've shared the stage with Prince, Marc Broussard, the Pussycat Dolls, Chris Rock, Chris Tucker, Babyface, Tony Bennett and Jay Leno. Mixing elements of funk, jazz, hip hop and even opera, Mosaic has created a sound all its own. Hailing from Orlando, the boy band capital of the universe, they have spelled out exactly what they would like the public to know they are not - Check them out online at