Aug. 22 2009

7:30 Preshow - 8:00 Show

Mountain Blue (originally known as Blue Cheese) was formed in the fall of 2003 when two choir conductors from Brigham Young University got together to perform a piece of southern gospel music, "just to hear how it sounds." The two searched among their musically talented friends until they felt they had created the perfect bluegrass quartet, a unique A Cappella combination of three guys and a gal. Although some of the names and faces of the group have changed over the years, their trademark sound has been a constant that has pleased crowds up and down the Wasatch Front.

Inspired by old-time bluegrass musicians like the Stanley Brothers as well as newer groups like Blue Highway and Signature Sound, Mountain Blue began performing regularly at BYU's semiannual A Cappella Jam. More recently, they've opened for other a Capella groups, including Vocal Point and Noteworthy, and sang the National Anthem at the BYU Men's Basketball Game. They received the Judge's Choice Award at the BYU Talent Showcase in 2006. Their debut CD, Gospel Train, was followed two years later with another collection of songs called Roll Back the Stone. They just released their third and self-titled album Mountain Blue A Capella with Covenant Communications, and the CD is available wherever LDS music is sold. They have also appeared on the radio, on television, and on other compilation albums. More information can be found at

Although the members of the group admit that singing is fun, they are quick to add that singing gospel music also has a way of keeping them focused on the important things in life. They hope that you'll enjoy the gospel favorites they sing, which have played a meaningful role in their worship of the Savior, and that through the Spirit you will find greater joy, light, and encouragement along your spiritual journey towards eternal life.